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Family photos | Portraits session in Piedmont Park | Atlanta Family Photographer

Even if Piedmont Park, in Atlanta Georgia, might be more popular for engagement pictures than for family photos, it is a unique place to have a family session.

Piedmont Park in Atlanta has an amazing variety of scenery for family photos

Piedmont park, located in the heart of the city, is a well known location for photo sessions in Georgia. It has such an amazing variety of scenery – forested areas, a lake, green spaces, hidden paths… The most breathtaking is the spectacular view of the Atlanta skyline. 

I don’t organize that often family photos in Piedmont Park, even if it is a very popular location. I want my clients to have the best experience possible during our time together. And I find it sometimes difficult to determine meeting points and find a parking spot.

That being said, it is an amazing location whatever the season and I love going there!

A mix of formal and lifestyle for family photos

When Morgan contacted me, I quickly realized that Piedmont Park would be the most convenient location for her family.

Morgan and her family just moved to Atlanta and few month earlier. They didn’t have the chance to get professional newborn portraits taken for her younger son as he was born during Covid. With the boys now 2 years and 8 months old it was the perfect time to create new memories!

Those boys were so sweet, full of life and happy to have a fun time with their parents. We got a great mix of formal and lifestyle pictures, genius smiles and intimate moments.

Kind words from Morgan

When I read the testimonial Morgan wrote, I love my job even more!

« I LOVED our photographs. Laure captured our boys’ personality, despite the challenges of photographing two fast-moving toddlers. She made us feel comfortable and at ease. »

Have a peak into their family photos, in Atlanta Piedmont park, taken during golden hours:

Parents with toddler and baby standing in front of Atlanta skyline by Laure Photography
toddler running towards parents fall family pictures in Piedmont park by laure photography
family with toddler sitting in Atlanta Piedmont park during golden hours with laure photography
mommy holding baby and toddler portrait in a midtown atlanta park with laure photography
toddler running toward the camera with parents in the background in Atlanta park with laure photography
toddler laughing sitting on a white blanket in a park family portrait
daddy holding toddler and baby in his arm and family walking holding hands in front of Atlanta skyline with Laure photography golden hours
Family with toddlers standing in Piedmont Park Atlanta with Laure Photography
dad kneeling with toddler boy running towards his family with Laure Photography in fall outfits
mommy with her children boys family walking holding hand iduring golden hours in front of Atlanta skyline with Laure photography
siblings boys toddler and baby hugging sitting on a blanket in a park with laure photography
portrait of toddler boy sitting on a white blanket in a park, format family pocture in front Atlanta skyline in Piedmont park with Laure Photography
mommy holding baby and daddy sitting with toddler boy at golden hour Atlanta skyline laure photography
family picture parents holding toddler and baby standing on a park for fall photo session in blue and brown outfits
toddler sitting on a blanket, family with toddler and baby wearing fall blue and brown color outfits with laure photography

Laure Pascal-Glorieux is a lifestyle photographer specialized in family photography and personal branding photography. Laure lives in Atlanta GA.

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