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6 reasons why you need professional headshots | Atlanta Photographer

After the success of my blog the « Differences between headshots and branding pictures », I am sharing with you 6 reasons why you need professional headshots.

The Association for Psychological Science reports that your decision to trust someone is made in a tenth of a second of seeing their face! A tenth of a second… It might be a good idea to take advantage of it and put your best self out there!

A professional headshot is nowadays crucial and expected. It can create a powerful first impression on people who see it and offers a glimpse into your personality.

So what if you can make a great first impression even before your potential client walks through the door? A headshot is your first mean of communication with new clients.

Having an up to date headshot is more important than ever in our digital world.

It is a visual connection that offers anyone who sees it a chance to put a face to your name. Professional headshots are incredibly powerful whatever your industry, job or company!

You can’t do anymore with selfies or a vacation pictures crop! People will directly see if you took time to have your headshots professionally done and if you care. 

There are many factors that only professional photographers can help you with, from posing to lighting to angles and editing. A good photographer can also provide you with wardrobe and location ideas depending on your industry and your unique goals.

So here are the 6 reasons why you need professional headshots:

1) Your headshot is the first impression you make

A headshot is your first impression when meeting someone. In her Forbes article about first impressions, Stephanie Burns emphasizes that you don’t get a lot of time to prove yourself. In our digital world, it is even more important than before. Now more than ever, people are looking for everything first online. 

This means that your first impression is no longer when the client steps through the door. It happens well before you meet face to face. Who doesn’t do a quick Google or social media check before meeting someone in person?

Potential clients, investors and collaborators who find you online – LinkedIn, website or even Facebook – are more likely to take you seriously.

headshot in studio and in office woman in blue shirt standing man with jacket sitting in Atlanta by Laure Photography

2) It gives you credibility and professionalism

Whatever your industry or your job, your client always comes first. Having authentic, professional pictures establishes your credibility. Your customers will fell more comfortable with you and what you sell in a matter of seconds. Who doesn’t want to see cheerful professional people when browsing a website? 

For example, having photo consistency in your About page makes you looks professional and high-end instead of cheap. You can highlight the human side of your company and maintain professionalism.

In a Forbes article, Jessica Wong, a marketing agency founder, highlights how important photographs are. She even includes them in the top 3 ways to create a successful website. 

Headshot lawyer with urban office background by Atlanta  brand photographer Laure Photography
Pre-school teacher headshot by Atlanta brand photographer Laure photography

3) It shows your personality 

To get hired, find a client, or even land a date, you need to establish trust. Your headshot has to represent who you are, show your personality. If your headshot isn’t the real you, then you’re immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage.

A headshot is a glimpse into what you do and why you do it. It helps you sell yourself by giving your potential clients a sneak peek into your personality.

While the first objective of headshots is to present a professional appearance, there is more than one way to make your headshots work. You don’t even have to stick to one look. A great benefit from having professional headshots is you can have a few posing variations (standing, sitting, at an angle…) within a single session.

Stacy Cline Atlanta GA family nurse practitioner headshot by Laure photography
Donna Robinson headshot Atlanta GA brand and headshot photographer Laure Photography

4) Professional headshots can be used multiple times on multiple platforms

Headshots can be used for a lot of different purposes. Resume, LinkedIn profile, company directory, brochure, website, communications, audition, portfolio, publication, interview, podcast, event, business card… The possibilities are endless.

If you update your employees or team headshots you can use them at the same time for your website, all your internal communications and their individual LinkedIn profile pictures.

In addition, having the same picture, or a variation of the same picture, through all your social media and communications, will help people recognize and remember you more easily.

Savannah L. Bowling Lawyer headshot in Atlanta GA urban environment by Laure photography
Rebecca Kubin Realtor Headshots in Atlanta GA by Laure Photography

 5) headshots are part of your personal branding communication

With a headshot photo session, most of the time you about 3 images, usually from the waist up. A personal branding session is 100% customized to your needs. It includes a lot more than just headshots (but it will include headshots!)!

To know more about the difference between headshots and personal branding pictures, go and read my blog « Differences between headshots and branding pictures ».

woman doctor headshot in scrubs in Atlanta by Laure Photography
woman doctor headshot in white blouse in Atlanta by Laure Photography

6) And the last reason, it is a tax write-off!

Getting a new headshot done is an investment, but it counts as a marketing and advertising expense for work. So remember to include it when submitting for your next tax return.

Before any headshots photo session, I send my clients a « Headshots Photography Session Guide ». I have specifically created it to answer all the questions they might have before our time together.

I hope you find those 6 reasons why you need professional headshots useful. If you have any question or if you want to know more about my headshots session, Contact me. I would be happy to help make the experience easy and relaxed as well as provide you with images you will be proud to share.

You can also check my blog for more tips to better prepare for your next headshot session.

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