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Natalie is 3 month old! | Milestone photo session | Atlanta Photographer

I first met Natalie during a multi-generations family session, she was only a few days old! And now she is already a 3 month old baby and ready for her first milestone photo session at her home in Atlanta!

Allison contacted me when I was doing her sister’s baby « grow with me » first year sessions. We decided to capture 4 important milestones of Natalie’s first year: 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year.

I have done a lot of newborn lifestyle sessions but I only recently discovered milestones sessions. My excuse? I only arrived in the US a few years ago! 🙂

Kids love looking back at pictures of their first years

These milestones sessions are the best, they help you capture key memories of your baby’s first year. When you see your baby day after day, you don’t always realize how much he or she grows and all the little changes happening all the time. Those sessions are amazing for that!

My 3 kids love looking at pictures I took of them when they were babies, almost as much as they like hearing stories about their first years’ accomplishments! They don’t remember that time and I realize there is a lot I forgot… Our everyday life is taking so much space!

Natalie’s 3 month milestone photo session

We did Natalie’s 3 month baby photo session in her nursery, which is the best when your baby is only a few months old. Her nursery is the cutest, with all those baby books and stuffed animals already looking after her! You will see by yourself as I’ve included it as much a possible in my pictures, I couldn’t resist! And Natalie! She smiled non stop and looked at her parents with such love that it made my job very easy. I was soooo impressed by how quickly she reacted to what her parents were saying and singing at such a young age.

Thank you Allison for giving me the opportunity to know your family a little better. I can’t wait for her 6 month milestone session! See you soon Natalie!

baby girl smiling above dad's shoulder Atlanta baby milestone session
parents and 3 month old baby girl sitting in the nursery in Dunwoody GA
Felt Letter board showing baby's age with baby laying in front for Atlanta 3 month photo session
close up baby girl sleeping on parent's shoulder during milestone photo session
parents with newborn and curated nursery with baby books and stuffed animals during photo session
3 month old baby girl in pink outfit smiling during Atlanta grow with me photo session
details baby newborn and parents hands together by Atlanta photographer
baby girl sitting on mom's laps looking at the camera during 3 month photo session
3 month old baby girl resting on dad's shoulder milestone photo session in Atlanta 3 month portrait session
3 month old milestone picture baby girl in pink looking through the crib
milestone session baby girl in pink sitting on mommy's laps in nursery
3 month old baby girl milestone session laying on crib and smiling
Details 3 month old baby foot in parents' hands during grow with me photo session
parents looking at baby from above in nursery
baby girl laying in crib and parents in the back blurry looking at her during milestone photo session
parents and baby girl standing on front of their house with 3 month old baby
parents and 3 month old baby girl sitting in the nursery at home
parents holding 3 month old baby standing in the nursery during milestone photo session in Atlanta GA
new parents and 3 month old baby girl sitting on front of their house in Atlanta GA

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