I now combine my 2 passions:
Photography & Graphic Design

Digital Custom Portraits

I am so excited to share this new side of my business with you.
Here is my new baby: Laure Illustrations Co
I have found how to combine my passion for photography and graphic design and I really hope you will like it.


For a present to thank someone or a gratitude gift
For social media accounts
For a new way to have your family portrait on the wall

Specifications: The creation will be based on the high quality picture you send me and will include or not a colored background depending on what you prefer 
Delivery: You will receive a digital file (not a print) by email within a week
Price: It depends on the number of persons on the picture: 1-3 persons: $16 / 4-6 persons: $21 / 7+persons: $28

Here are a few examples of custom digital illustrations based on the photo of your choice:


Those stickers are a wonderful unique way to seal your greeting cards, invitations, thank you notes...
You can also put them on a laptop, a planner...

Specifications: Each sticker sheet measures 4,5" * 6'' . You can decide to get 2, 6 or 12 stickers per sheet.
Material: white matte printable sticker paper
Delivery: One week + shipment time
Price: $12 per sticker sheet + shipment cost - volume discounts

Here is an example (your unique stickers will be created based on the picture you send me):


For you or as a gift everyone always need a beautiful bookmark.
And what is best than a personalized one with your one message and the picture you select?
From greeting to inspiration quote or love note this bookmark will be unique

Specifications: Based on the high quality picture you send me and the personalized message / title you select
Material:  High quality cardstock and liminated
Measures: 2" * 6" with rounded corners
Delivery: one week + shipment time
Price: $12 each + shipment cost - volume discounts

My Etsy shop "LaureIllustrationCo" will open in the coming days! 

If you want to be informed once it opens or if you need more information, please complete this contact form:

I hope to see you soon!